How can Storakle help your e-commerce business grow?

Storakle is already boosting a few hundred online stores by effectively putting their customer conversion and retention strategies on autopilot.

Storakle is a customer segmentation and email marketing automation service which integrates with your online store. With Storakle you can segment your customers by creating a set of conditions, for example, "All customers who have visited my store more than 3 times last month but have not bought anything from the store in the last 6 months". Through Storakle you can send single email campaigns to your customer segments or create automated email campaigns, which are sent to your customers based on triggers and segment conditions.
Yes, it does. Storakle tracks the website and purchase behavior of each individual customers and presents it in a timeline. For each individual customer, you can see what pages of your store they have visited, what products they have viewed, order or abandoned and when exactly all these have occurred. Storakle also tracks your anonymous users. And once they register or go through the billing step of your checkout, Storakle applies this data to their timeline.
You can start by signing up for Storakle and then following these simple instructions to connect your store.
You can find different groups of customers by defining various combinations segment rules. Once you have your customer segments/groups, you can target them with a single/one-time or an automated email campaign. In this way, you can convert new customers and retain existing ones by turning them into repeated buyers.
A Campaign in Storakle is a single email campaign, which you send to your customers only once. An Automated Campaign is an on-going email campaign, which sends emails to your customers once a certain trigger occurs or a customer falls into a particular segment or both. A trigger could be a customer has abandoned their shopping cart.
The automated campaign triggers are: a customer has registered, a customer has abandoned their shopping cart, a customer has placed and order, a customer order has been completed.
Once you submit your campaign it goes into a submitted/tracking state, which means that every time you click on the campaign in the Storakle dashboard, it would take you to the campaign reports page. On the campaign reports page, you can see detailed information about the campaign, which includes delivery, opened and clicked rates, campaign recipients, and campaign conversion revenue.
You can find a particular customer by going to the All Customers page and then searching for the customer email. Once you have the customer listed, click on it to go to the customer details page where you see the customer timeline under the activity tab. Each timeline is divided into sessions. Click on each session to view the events that occurred in it. On the customer details page, you can also view the products which the customer has visited, purchased or abandoned.